2019 Briarpatch Botanicals CSA Subscription Agreement

For questions, concerns, or clarifications please contact Ian or Heather briarpatchbotanicals@gmail.com


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The Shares

half share

every other week (bi-weekly)

11 boxes of fresh veggies and herbs. Ideal for 1-2 people. Start date will be June 4th/5th or June 11th/12th.

full share


22 boxes of fresh veggies and herbs. Perfect for the vegetarian couple or small family. Start of season is June 4th/5th, depending on drop-off site.

Each box will contain 8-12 different items. We always strive to provide a diverse and hearty supply of produce, but crop availability does vary by season. We can never promise to have a specific item on a specific date ahead of time, but we’ll keep everyone updated on what is coming off the farm as the season moves along. Certain crops are likely to be in abundance, and we will offer them at a discount to those who subscribe to our CSA.** Although we plan on having more than enough to fill our boxes this year, we can’t fully protect against drought, flood, insects or other conditions that may reasonably impact production. In joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share in those risks. We may be able to supplement crop failures with produce obtained from other local farmers with like farming practices, but this is not guaranteed. The growing year is supported by your subscription to the CSA, and is non-refundable. If a person wants to end their pick up, they can transfer their subscription to another person or family.

**Look for discount codes to our bulk products (tomatoes, picklers, corn, etc) in the weekly CSA newsletter!!

Box Pick ups


Wednesdays 5-7

Pick up location at The Beer Den


Tuesdays 5-7

Pick up location at Epidavros

We know that Summer is also a time for vacations. If you are going to be out of town, please arrange for someone else to pick up your share for you (and let us know ahead of time). Any box that is not claimed by the end of these hours may be donated to a local food bank.


A Full Share of fresh herbs and vegetables costs $650; Half Shares are $350. Early-bird specials are available through the end of February! ($50 off Full Share, $25 off Half Share). Payments can be made through our website here. If you need to pay with Check or Money Order, inquire by email.

***We are currently in the process to accept SNAP (EBT) payments, but due to the current government shutdown, that process is on hold.

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