Thanks to all who supported our weekly box option last year! It enabled us to start this year’s full CSA!!!

Sign up Before 3/1 -$50 Full Share -$25 Half Share


We grow a diverse variety of vegetables that have so much more taste! Most vegetables found in regular grocery stores, as you know, have been selected and grown to be shipped around, many times harvested way before ripening to hold up for those thousand-mile journeys, losing nutrients along the way. Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown (NO synthetics or GMOs) and freshly picked. This means you will learn to eat seasonally and what fresh vegetables really taste like!

Here’s a list of everything we are growing this year.

Why join our CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is an approach to farming that involves you, the community, in supporting a farm in your area to grow the food you eat.

How it works

By subscribing to a CSA you pledge to be part of the bounty and risk of growing food along with the farmer. The community provides the funds necessary at the beginning of the growing season to help the farm cover the cost of seed, irrigation, compost, etc. when inputs are the highest. Our season runs June-October, during which subscribers receive boxes of local, nutrient dense, freshly harvested crops (pick up sites in Gresham and Sandy). This reconnects you with your farmer, the food you eat and the earth it was grown on. Though there is a risk that there may occasionally be poor harvests due to pests or inclement weather beyond our control, it’s our goal is provide you with high-quality farm-fresh food all season. We will be emailing newsletters with pictures and updates of how things are going out on the farm!