-know your farmer-


Heather Cook

I hail from good old Pennsyltucky but spent many years in beautiful New Mexico exploring the lands there. I received a B.S. in Ag and soon after became an LMT trained in Natural Therapeutics. I’ve worked with flowers, plants and herbs since I was young: in landscaping, at nurseries and different organic and medicinal herb farms. I moved to luscious Oregon in 2014 and soon began working for an organic herb company where I met Ian. Growing food and medicine has become a way of life for me and now I get to do so in the foothills of the amazing Wy’east.


Ian Brinker

I grew up in the desert of Tucson, Arizona. In 2010 I moved to Sandy, Oregon to work and live on an organic herb farm. Besides learning how to crop a variety of medicinal plants, I also managed an 1/8th acre vegetable garden. I have a passion for natural processes and look to incorporate permaculture practices in my farming. It’s been extremely rewarding to feed the community, and I feel lucky to have the chance to do so.